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    Open Icecat

    Open Icecat is a worldwide unique open catalog with product data-sheets in co-operation with high tech sponsoring brands and online channel partners. Open Icecat data-sheets are fully approved by the sponsoring manufacturers and are distributed for free to the online channel.

    Thanks to the direct connection between Icecat and the sponsoring manufacturers, everyday Icecat is able to import their portfolio of products which will then be controlled and standardized by Icecat’s editorial team.

    Open Icecat contains more than half a million datasheets of IT, CE, Telecom, DIY, Beauty, Toys, Lighting, FMCG and Office supply brands standardized in easy online formats for easy implementing, categorizing, filtering, searching and comparing of products. The most popular and new products are quickly described as soon they are in the market.

    What rich content is included in an Open Icecat data-sheet?

    • Brand name
    • Manufacturer Part Number
    • Categorization (UNSPSC based)
    • Product images (unlimited)
    • Multimedia content (demos, product video’s)
    • Multilingual marketing text
    • Standardized specifications for search & compare
    • Leaflets, User manuals (PDF)
    • Options (related products)
    • Alternative products
    • General Data: release date, modification date
    • Logistic data: EAN/UPC code, weight & dimensions

    See the (free) Subscription Plans that fit you.

    FREE registration Open Icecat
    • Rich product information
      Product identifiers, extensive specifications, images, multimedia, digital documents, multilingual marketing texts, searchable attributes, related products
    • Easy to match your portfolio
      Manufacturer part numbers, EAN/UPC codes, category and model/family names are available for matching
    • Seamless integration
      Easy to integrate in your ERP or webshop in XML or URL formats
    • Free syndication of product data
      Multimedia (videos, demos)
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