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Open Icecat – Content Syndication voor merken

Als marktleider in outbound content syndication produceert en distribueert Icecat productinformatie voor tienduizenden channel partners wereldwijd. Ten behoeve van merkeigenaren. We doen dit via het unieke open catalogus-model (Open Icecat). Feitelijk Product Information Management (PIM/PDM/MDM) As A Service voor merken die de zichtbaarheid en het succes van hun producten in de snelgroeiende ecommercemarkt willen vergroten. Icecat biedt een Digital Rights Management (DRM-) module voor het geval dat digitale assets alleen beschikbaar mogen zijn voor Authorized Resellers, als onderdeel van Open Icecat.

Open Icecat

Open Icecat is the free of charge product catalog, consisting of standardized data-sheets of Information Technology (IT), Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Toys, FMCG, Beauty and Office products for all participating manufacturers.

What rich content is included in an Open Icecat data-sheet?

  • Brand name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Categorization (UNSPSC based)
  • Product images (unlimited)
  • Multimedia content (demos, product video’s)
  • Multilingual marketing text
  • Standardized specifications for search & compare
  • Leaflets (PDF)
  • User manuals (PDF)
  • Options: cross-sell relationships
  • Alternatives: up-sell and right-sell relationships
  • General Data: release date, modification data
  • Logistic data: EAN/UPC code, weight & dimensions

Unique: free manufacturer approved data-sheets

Open Icecat is the only worldwide content provider that offers manufacturer approved standardized product content for free (including rich media).

Channel partners choose free Open Icecat

Most channel partners are not able to import or enter product data for all brands they carry individually. Furthermore, most channel partners expect their supplying brands to provide product data for free, as previously they have received printed flyers free of charge. Open Icecat is able to meet the channel partner's expectations: Open Icecat offers free and standardized product content via one source in one format.

Is Open Icecat right for your brand?

  1. Do you want to distribute accurate and timely product information to all your channel partners worldwide?
  2. Do you want uniform product information at all your channel partners?
  3. Are you are looking to create more brand awareness in the online channel or introduce a new brand?
  4. Are you looking for new channel partners (e.g., distributors or retailers)?
  5. Are you dissatisfied with the current presentation of your products by your channel partners?
  6. Does it takes days/weeks before your channel partners display content of newly announced products?
  7. Is supporting your channel partners time-consuming and frustrating and are you looking for ways to streamline the channel support processes?

  • Free of charge product content:
    All your channel partners can get the Open Icecat content for free, worldwide.
  • Easy to access for your channel partners:
    Open Icecat product content is easy to integrate as URL-links, XML data, via standard webshop interfaces and as an MySQL database.
  • Co-operation with distributors & platforms:
    International distributors and platform (solution providers) distribute Open Icecat content towards their connected channel partners
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell:
    Data-sheets include up-sell & cross-sell relations.