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Logitech MX™ Revolution マウス RFワイヤレス レーザー

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MX™ Revolution
商品型番 :
カテゴリー マウス
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Logitech MX™ Revolution, レーザー, RFワイヤレス, ブラック

製品概要(詳細) Logitech MX™ Revolution マウス RFワイヤレス レーザー:
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Logitech MX™ Revolution. 動作検出テクノロジー: レーザー, デバイスインターフェース: RFワイヤレス, ボタン数: 6. プロダクトカラー: ブラック

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Logitech SetPoint
Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX 10.2.8+
ソース TestSeekサマリー 平均スコア
2011-10-03 23:45:53
Testseek has collected 66 expert reviews for Logitech MX™ Revolution mouse RF Wireless Laser and the average expert rating is 87 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use Testseek to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
ソース レビューコメント スコア
2011-10-03 23:44:41
This wireless, rechargeable mouse is the crème de la crème of computer mice. Costing nearly £80, it certainly needs to be special and, thankfully, it doesnt disappoint. The Logitech MX Revolution looks fabulous and its an absolute pleasure to lay yo...
2011-10-03 23:44:57
The MX Revolution has two major arguments going for it: an unparallel optimization for right-handers and an intelligent scroll wheel capable of a click-to-click or freely rolling mode (hyper-fast scrolling) to quickly go through long documents. After...
Good Good ergonomics for righthanders, Rich and easily accessible driver, Laser sensor, recharging station, wireless, Scroll wheel is clicktoclick or smooth scrolling...
Bad Price, Not well suited for lefthanders, Second scroll wheel not very practical for everyone...
2011-10-03 23:45:24
2011-10-03 23:45:42
Overlook the high price for a moment, and youll see that the Logitech MX Revolution is packed with innovative features. The scrollwheel on the top is an excellent example - flick it once and it acts like a standard clickwheel. Scroll more aggressiv...
2011-10-03 23:45:52
Some good features, but don’t expect it to be the revolution that its promising.
Good Cordless, plenty of features, easy to set up, easy to use...
Bad Not much, One Touch search not customisable...
Bottom line Some good features, but don’t expect it to be the revolution that its promising.
2011-11-05 13:05:48
Logitech’s rodents have always been well received. The latest one to escape the treadmills of the lab is the MX Revolution, an update to the old MX1000.It does feel incredibly natural to the hand, but of course it’s for righties only – a...
2011-11-05 13:05:48
Why be anything less than perfectly comfortable when using your computer?...
2014-10-01 06:49:29
The MX Revolution is the third Logitech mouse that I have had the opportunity to review, the others being the G5 and the G7. While this mouse shares many characteristics with those two, there are some impressive improvements with this one, including s...
Good Feature packed, HyperScroll works well, QuickSearch is handy, Quick recharge time, Nice appearance and surface texture, Innovative, Ergonomic...
Bad Some install problems, Cordless reception cuts out intermittently, No “onthefly” dpi adjustment, Can’t use when battery dies...
Bottom line I like Logitech quality. The MX Revolution mouse is well put-together, with an appearance and fit-and-finish appropriate for a mouse of this price range. The included features and technology included in this mouse work quite well. When this mouse is c...
2011-10-03 23:44:56
La souris est livrée avec un socle de rechargement. Hors de son support, elle tient après une quinzaine de jour avant qu'on tombe en panne. Par sécurité, un indicateur lumineux sur la souris indique, dès qu'elle est en mou...
Good Ergonomie bien étudiée pour les droitiers, Pilote riche et facile d'accès, Grand confort d'utilisation, même sur plusieurs heures d'affilée, Capteur laser, socle de recharge, souris sans fil, Molette au choix...
Bad Prix, Inadaptée pour les gauchers, Seconde molette pas utile pour tous...
Bottom line C'est un coup de coeur, c'est véritablement l'une de nos souris préférées, pour le grand confort qu'elle procure dans le cadre d'un usage bureautique intensif. Bon point également : en huit mois de tests, elle...
2011-10-03 23:45:39
Environ un mois après la sortie de la nouvelle star de Logitech, lhéritière de la MX1000, léquipe dinfo-mods vous propose son test de la souris MX Revolution. Nombreux sont les tests déja parus sur cette souris, mais nous avons decidé de tester cet...
Bottom line Nous voici déjà à la fin de cet article, il est donc temps den tirer les conclusions qui simposent. La MX Revolution est-elle donc une vraie révolution à proprement parler ? Peut-être pas à ce point, mais une chose est sûre, elle est innovante. Elle...
2011-10-03 23:45:42
Si Logitech l’a conçue dans le plus grand secret, par peur de la contrefaçon, c’est que cette nouvelle souris optique sans fil est bel et bien révolutionnaire. Son truc en plus ? Une molette inédite, capable d’ajuster automatiquement la vitesse du déf...
Good Une révolution pour le confort, surtout quand on travaille de longs documents. On adore aussi la glisse parfaite de la souris sur presque tous les supports et la belle autonomie de la batterie.
Bad La merveille est vraiment chère et ne profitera qu’aux droitiers.
2011-10-03 23:45:48
Logitech annonçait le 25 août dernier, la sortie de la MX Revolution. Sa toute dernière souris laser décrite, comme son nom lindique, comme un modèle révolutionnaire. Cest pourquoi nous avons choisi de découvrir ce nouveau must have...
2011-10-03 23:45:51
Deux ans, il aura fallu près de deux années aux ingénieurs de Logitech pour donner à leur mulot le plus haut de gamme, la MX1000, une héritière. Disposant dune ergonomie éprouvée, dun capteur optique laser haute précision et dune roulette multidire...
Bottom line Innovante la MX Revolution ? Pour sûr ! Révolutionnaire ? Peut être pas autant que Logitech aimerait le faire croire. Certes on retrouve dans cette MX Revolution tous les ingrédients dune souris de haut niveau : design à couper le souffle, quoique trè...
2016-12-29 19:58:36
Logitech n'hésite pas à qualifier sa dernière souris de produit révolutionnaire. Est-ce réellement le cas ?...
2011-10-03 23:44:49
Die MX Revolution schmiegt sich optisch in die gehobene Business Klasse der MX Reihe von Logitech nahtlos ein und versucht dennoch mit neuen Funktionen zu punkten. Die Zielgruppe bildet hier gehobenes Klientel, bei dem Ästhetik, Qualität und Funktional...
Bottom line Zugegeben ist es bei dieser Maus schon schwer echte Kritikpunkte zu finden. Man spricht hier auch vom berühmten Jammern auf hohem Niveau. Die Verarbeitung ist hervorragend, die Funktionen sind innovativ und übersteigen bei weitem das Standardangebot...
2011-10-03 23:44:51
Mit der MX Revolution erreicht ein weiterer Nager des Schweizer Unternehmens die Technic3D-Redaktion. Von Logitech als Revolution betitelt, werden wir in diesem Review nachsehen, ob die Maus dieser Bezeichnung auch gerecht wird.Lesezeichen Razer Death...
Bottom line Logitechs MX Revolution ist wirklich eine kleine Revolution. Dies bezieht sich nicht nur auf das Microgear Präzisionstastenrad, sondern auch auf allerlei Erneuerungen der MX Revolution zum Vorgänger. Da wäre zum einen der Komfort beim Arbeiten. Keine M...
2011-10-03 23:45:27
Eingabegeräte sind eine sehr spezielle Hardware-Gattung. Es ist sehr schwer sie zu bewerten, da viele relevante Aspekte von den Bedürfnissen, Vorlieben und Gewohnheiten des jeweiligen Anwenders abhängig sind. Somit kann bei Gaming-Mäusen tatsächlich erst der Anwender beurteilen, welches Produkt seinen Anforderungen gerecht wird...
2011-10-03 23:44:42
Logitech MX Revolution è un mouse dall'elevato contenuto tecnologico, ideato per gli utenti esigenti che, per diversi motivi, spendono diverse ore davanti al PC. La forma ergonomica e le dimensioni adeguate, permettono agli utenti destrimani di maneggi...
Good Forma ergonomica comoda, materiali e finiture di alto livello, pulsanti e rotelle facili da raggiungere, software dedicato per la configurazione...
Bad Non adatto a utenti mancini, batteria non intercambiabile...
2011-10-03 23:44:44
El ratón Logitech MX Revolution no supone ninguna novedad -Aquí-, de hecho ya lleva bastante tiempo entre nosotros. Sin embargo, aprovechando que uno de ellos ha caído en nuestras manos y a sabiendas de que se trata de uno de los mejores ratones del me...
Bottom line Las especificaciones técnicas de este ratón son las grandes desconocidas. El fabricante no proporciona dato alguno, tan solo este PDF -Aquí- donde se nos cuenta una vez más, pero con mayor detalle, las virtudes de su magnífica rueda (como si esto fues...
2011-10-03 23:44:46
Mine MX500 modeller er blevet henvist til skammekrogen, selvom donglen gør det let at skifte imellem maskinerne med musen, som er øjeblikkelig klar takket være USB 2. Ja så er det langt fra den sidste MX Revolution, som kunne...
2011-10-03 23:45:40
Så er de her igen. Logitech. Som altid har de kigget dybt i spåkuglen, og har med uhyggelig præcision ramt hvad forbrugerne efterspørger. De har denne gang lanceret en efterfølger til at overtage tronen efter deres utroligt populære G7, som høstede ma...
Bottom line Logitech har gjort det umulige igen. De har taget noget nær den perfekte mus og forbedret den. Hvis du hører til dem som syntes at G7 var en fantastisk mus – kan jeg ydmygt fortælle at så vil du tro du er i himmerrige! Når først du har prøvet MX Rev...
2011-10-03 23:45:46
I 1968 så verden den første mus, siden da er der sket rigtigt meget. Logitech har i forbindelse med deres 25 års jubilæum, lanceret endnu en mus. De har døbt den revolution, af den simple grund at der er nytænkning bag de nye funktioner hvor den st...
2011-10-03 23:44:36
Are you looking for a new mouse for general desktop work, photo editing, or computer gaming? Find out more about this new revolution in computer mice. Introduction to the Logitech MX RevolutionOn first glance at this mouse, it has an eye-catching mode...
Bottom line With its constant 800 dpi of sensitivity, mouse movement is smooth, very acc...
2011-10-03 23:44:43
Good Several unobtrusive, programmable buttons, Attractive and comfortable ergonomic design, Wireless, Laser technology allows for precise movement and scrolling...
Bad Short battery life, Only designed for righthanded people, Features, Highfunctioning, Programmable Buttons, Whether were talking about the scroll wheel or the thin, unobtrusive individual buttons, all the little perks and functions on the MX Revoluti...
Bottom line Performance The buttons work well, and the ergonomic design is extremely comfortable. Its literally only useable by people who are right-handed, however, as the distinctive thumb groove and buttons are only located on the right side of the mouse. Even...
2011-10-03 23:44:45
The MX Revolution has a lot in common with its predecessors and retains the MX DNA by continuing the overabundance of buttons and features, programmability, ergonomic design and exceptional all-round performance, even in games.When it comes to design...
2011-10-03 23:44:48
Logitech bills the MX Revolution as the “World’s Most Advanced Mouse.” It’s certainly loaded with gee-whiz features and buttons, but does it really live up to the name? Not quite. The gloss-black and matte surfaces make a nice combination, but tough lu...
2011-10-03 23:44:50
I would have to say if you are looking for a desktop wireless mouse then the MX Revolution should be at the top of your list of mice to purchase. The entry price is a bit steep at roughly $80 at the time of writing this but I must say it is entirely w...
Good Ergonomic Design, Feature Packed Drivers, Great Battery Life...
Bad Cost?, Cost...
Bottom line I would have to say if you are looking for a desktop wireless mouse then the MX Revolution should be at the top of your list of mice to purchase. The entry price is a bit steep at roughly $80 at the time of writing this but I must say it is entirely wo...
2011-10-03 23:44:55
There are regular mice and then there are computer mice designed specifically for hardcore gamers and savvy Internet surfers. Folks like this will never be satisfied with just the usual pair of buttons on the face of a mouse. They want more. In many wa...
Good Very comfortable form factor, Exceptional laser tracking, Speedy wireless connection, Easily accessible forward and back navigation buttons, Rechargeable battery with base, Plug and play (unless you need customization)...
Bad No user replaceable battery, Rubber lining on right side may start to peel, No mechanism to prevent loss of USB dongle, Propriety wireless technology...
Bottom line Logitech has been very clearly the leading mouse manufacturer in the computer industry. From the low end to the high end, Logitech has a mouse for everyone. Continuing on their leadership position, Logitech has introduced what they call the Worlds Mo...
2011-10-03 23:44:58
It seems that Logitech even went the extra mile in designing the box. The way the MX Revolution is displayed is a bit reminiscent of...
2011-10-03 23:45:01
Logitech is a company that has been setting the standards in the mousing community for quite some time now. Today I have on the bench what Logitech calls “The world’s most advanced mouse” by being smarter and faster then ever before and...
Good MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel, Document Quick flip button, One touch search button, Easy to use software, Large selection of preset button assignment choices, Comfortable fit, Several days use on a single charge, Exccelent for office use...
Bad Not a good gaming mouse, Price (but worth it)...
Bottom line I have been very satisfied with the MX Revolution and all of its handy dandy new fangled features. The revolution has become my main mouse but I still use my G7 for gaming. The MX Revolution has worked on all of the surfaces I have tried it on and the...
2011-10-03 23:45:03
The first mouse was made by Doug Engelbart in 1964. The first mouse used two gear wheels perpendicular to each other thus using an X and Y axis to move. The first mechanical or ball mouse was made by Bill English in 1972. But the modern mouse was...
Bottom line Logitech bills the MX Revolution as the world’s most advanced mouse. To a certain extent it is evolutionary. From a gamers’ point of view, you would be better served by a G7 mouse, as the resolution of this mouse in actual play is not good eno...
2011-10-03 23:45:04
Logitech is well known for producing some of the finest computer peripherals ranging from mice to computer speakers, so I dont think a detailed description of their track record is necessary. Instead I want to jump right in and analyze their MX line o...
Bottom line I am happy to report that the MX Revolution works perfectly on the bare surface of my desk. I have run into several optical mice which cant track properly on the surface of my desk. Logitechs laser tracking system in the G7 and the MX Revolution have...
2011-10-03 23:45:05
Logitech is the leading name in mouse technology, and the company has produced a long line of killer gaming and office controllers. The Logitech "G" series redefined gaming, while their "V" series of laptop mice are the de facto standard for many corp...
Good Excellent Precision and Control, Exceptional Laptop Performer, Superior Aesthetics and Design, Battery Miser...
Bad Righthanded Only...
Bottom line Logitech is the top player in mouse controller technology, and promotes this well using their self-proclaimed title as the "world leader in mice". The Logitech Revolution line of mouse controllers certainly lives up to this lofty standard, and offers...
2011-10-03 23:45:10
I have seldom been so enthusiastic about having to review (yet) another mouse as when we received the Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse. The MX Revolution might sound like marketing hype but it is a Revolution in more ways than one. If you...
Bottom line Well, you might have guessed from the foregoing that Im pretty stoked with the Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Laser Mouse. There is in my opinion no better all-purpose mouse around! Sure, the price is fairly hefty (about $99 and cheaper if you check...
2011-10-03 23:45:11
When you are thinking about getting a new mouse there are really only 2 choices that you will see at your local computer store, Logitech and Microsoft. While Microsoft mice are nice, Logitechs usually out do them in features and quality. Well today we...
Good VERY comfortable, MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel, Easy to setup, Rechargeable, Document Flip, Onetouch search button...
Bad None!...
Bottom line When I previously reviewed the MX 5000, which was the MX 1000 mouse and a keyboard, I thought Logitech could not come out with a more comfortable mouse. Well they have really outdone themselves with the MX Revolution. Not only is it extremely comforta...
2011-10-03 23:45:14
Most heavy computer users and gamers would agree that comfortable interaction with your PC is incredibly important, especially if you've ever suffered from RSI. Over the last few years, there have been an increasing number of ergonomic input devices...
Bottom line If you’re willing to spend , and anyone who spends a lot of time on the PC should do, then Logitechs MX Revolution is a serious contender for your cash. Great features, brilliant design and a quality finish make it a great investment and one that wi...
2011-10-03 23:45:15
Once again, Logitech innovates the mouse in unexpected ways. The unique flywheel design is an entirely new approach to scrolling, but does it add to the user experience or detract? Are users ready to learn to scroll anew? Read on for our take on both t...
Good Innovative fly-wheel Accurate and responsive tracking Laser technology...
Bad Only supports right hand users Scroll wheel can be too sensitive at times...
Bottom line The Logitech MX and VX Revolution mice may not be a revolution, but they represent the next major evolution of input devices. They offer the best software-hardware integration available, innovative scrolling, first-class ergonomics and build quality, a...
2011-10-03 23:45:19
Logitech, one of the first and biggest computer mouse companies today brings yet again a new edition of their MX line of products, the Logitech MX Revolution. This mouse pushes the envelope on its looks, features and technology. Now with the cooler lo...
Good 7 programmable buttons, Long Battery Life, Many useful features...
Bad Expensive...
Bottom line The Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse is a great mouse with amazing response and control, and even greater functionality and adaptability. The options of setting mouse configurations for individual programs combined with with SmartShift Tech...
2011-10-03 23:45:20
Two years ago, Logitech, set out to design the ultimate mouse for high-end users. Their design team studied the frustrations of power users and came up with a feature set to address them. They believed that these users wanted the highest quality of fit...
2011-10-03 23:45:21
Logitech has always been a key part in the computer peripherals business, and in my opinion, makes some of the best keyboards and mice out there. They’ve stepped it up a notch with the new MX Revolution. The MX Revolution is the latest wireless mous...
2011-10-03 23:45:22
Productivity is always important, and employers are often keen to help their staff by providing them with the technology to help them make their lives easier – dual monitors is a good example. Yet, despite the increasing use of two displays in the workpla...
Bottom line If you're willing to spend a little extra, and anyone who spends a lot of time on the PC should do, then the Revolution MX is a serious contender for your cash. Great features, brilliant design and a quality finish make it a great investment and one that...
2011-10-03 23:45:23
Mice have come a long way from the days of dirty and dusty balls that always got clogged up at the worst times to the super futuristic optical mice with the cool looking red-light beaming from the bottoms. Now we have mice with "friggin-lasers", as Dr...
2011-10-03 23:45:28
Features of the Logitech MX Revolution Wireless MouseFree-WheelingLogitech reinvented the wheel with the MX Revolution, literally. They gave their new mouse the biggest improvement in scroll wheel functionality since the addition of the scroll wheel it...
2011-10-03 23:45:30
I have always been a huge fan of the MX1000 mouse from Logitech; I thought it did nearly everything I wanted. Today we are lucky enough to take a look at the new offering from Logitech in the high-end mouse market, but will the mouses features justi...
2011-10-03 23:45:31
The Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Optical Laser Mouse has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and these are just some of its basic features. When you are looking for innovative input devices, you should first think of Logitech. Case in point is the...
Good Unique features, comfortable to use...
Bad Pricey...
Bottom line The Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Optical Laser Mouse has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and these are just some of its basic features. When you are looking for innovative input devices, you should first think of Logitech. Case in point is the...
2011-10-03 23:45:32
I have been using a Logitech MX1000 cordless mouse for just over 2 yrs now. I love it and am not sure Id ever want to go back to a generic wired mouse. The MX1000 has served me very well, with long working time between charges (typically 2 weeks or...
2011-10-03 23:45:33
SummaryPros: Excellent tracking; highly customizable software; battery-life indicator on mouse; loaded with buttons; excellent smooth or geared scroll wheel. Cons: None significant. Processor Compatibility: Universal OS Compatibility: 10.2 (Jaguar), 10...
Good Excellent tracking; highly customizable software; battery-life indicator on mouse; loaded with buttons; excellent smooth or geared scroll wheel.
Bad None significant.
Bottom line The Logitech MX Revolution Mouse is the best and most versatile mouse I’ve seen. It’s comfortable, performs flawlessly, and is highly configurable. While it does take up a USB port, that’s a minor complaint for such a great device.
2011-10-03 23:45:34
We like the smooth-spinning mouse wheel on Microsoft’s Intellimouse Explorer 4 for application work and web browsing, but its detentless design leaves much to be desired when playing games where you use the mouse wheel to select your weapons. Until now...
2011-10-03 23:45:36
I long wanted to buy a cordless mouse. One easily gets used to the tail of the ordinary mouse and doesn’t take much notice of it, but it is only with a cordless mouse that you have that feeling of absolute freedom of movement. This cannot be describ...
Bottom line Summing everything up, the Logitech MX Revolution has a lot of good points, but only one real advantage, which is its MicroGear wheel. Not good in this device are the virtually useless One-Touch Search and Quick-Flip buttons (Windows Vista features a m...
2011-10-03 23:45:37
The ever-changing world of computer mice is! well, changing yet again. Optical mice overtook the old ball "n socket antiques long ago and, as I predicted in a previous mouse review, true laser technology has become the next hot ticket. Logitech introd...
Good Ultrasmooth and fast scrolling, Sleek styling, OneTouch web searches, Long battery life, Extended wireless range...
Bad No middle mouse button function to be found, Chintzy side scrolling feel...
Bottom line Overall, the MX Revolution is a good quality, feature packed mouse. Logitech definitely spent a fair amount of time redesigning the external appearance and buttons on the MX Revolution from the MX1000. In this area I think the mouse is a resounding suc...
2011-10-03 23:45:38
A Formula 1 car. A fighter jet. The Flash. You think theyre fast? Grab Logitechs newest, most ergonomically sculptured mouse, and youll scroll through thousands of spreadsheet rows or e-mails in seconds, thanks to an intelligent scroll wheel that sh...
2011-10-03 23:45:41
Mice, much like keyboards can be seen as ubiquitous by many computer users. Frequently only gamers know the value of a fast and responsive mouse. However, a good mouse can make your work and play much more enjoyable by making your mousing more efficien...
Good Free-wheel scroll wheel simply rocks, Good battery life, Lots of buttons...
Bad Free-wheel scroll doesn't work on all pages, Could use higher sensitivity settings for gaming, 800 dpi max, Not for lefty's...
Bottom line The Logitech MX Revolution is hands down the best general use mouse that I have used to date. The free-wheel scroll feature is destined to be copied like college algebra homework. Casual gamers will also find the MX Revolution performs well; hardcore g...
2011-10-03 23:45:44
Wow… just wow… are the first words that come to mind when describing the new Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse. Who knew Logitech could once again improve upon itself by introducing its best PC mouse to date. The overall wow factor...
2011-10-03 23:45:47
A new attempt at the humble old mouse...
2011-10-03 23:45:49
Logitech has another winner with the MX Revolution. I can honestly say that the free spinning wheel is a brilliant idea. Once you use it, you never want to go back and this mouse now has a permanent home on my rig. The ergonomics are improved (and tha...
2011-10-03 23:45:53
Style. Nice curves. Solid frame. Hard working and good looking. Willing to abide by your every command. These are all important factors you weigh in when purchasing a new mouse. When Logitech released their MX1000 late 2004, it was well received becau...
Good Improves on the MX1000 in every regard, Alloy scroll wheel is best of its class, Very high comfort level, Separate receiver for easy transport, SetPoint allows for lots of customization, Works seamlessly in both Windows and OS X...
Bad Search button is not that important, Still no official Linux support...
Bottom line After using this mouse for the past few days, I can say that I enjoy it far more than I ever did the MX1000. Though the scroll wheel may not sound that impressive on text, I actually find myself now relying on it with large documents. I even take advan...
2011-10-03 23:44:38
Många gånger när man lekt med lera och kört ner hela handen över lerklumpen funderar man över varför ingen gjort en så ergonomisk mus. Även om händer är olika från person till person så finns det ju klart gemensamma drag som nästan inga möss på markna...
2011-10-03 23:44:47
En djupt inskålad, ganska traditionell och snygg mus som endast finns i högerhandsversion. Den låg mycket väl i handen och hade ett superskönt, lättrullat mushjul. Tyvärr fick vi inte med någon...
2011-10-03 23:44:51
Laserstyrd mus med scrollfunktion. USB-anslutning. Laddbar. "Värstingmus för dig som sitter framför datorn hela dagarna. Har allt. Dyr men en dröm att jobba med.”...
2011-10-03 23:45:06
När de första mössen med lasersensor lanserades var vi, liksom de allra flesta datortidningar, exalterade över exaktheten i den nya sensorn. Till skillnad från vanliga optiska möss fungerar lasermöss lika bra på musmattor som på blanka bord, och tappa...
2011-10-03 23:45:29
Logitech MX Revolution Det häftiga med Revolution-musen är Microgear – ett rullhjul som gör att du, vid behov, kan rulla ned ett par hundra sidor med en rejäl fingerrullning. Ja, du läste rätt. Hjulet är nämligen fritt upphängt på ett extremt lågfri...
2011-10-03 23:45:43
Lagom till Logitechs 25-årsjubileum presenterades musen MX Revolution i slutet av augusti. Musen är Logitechs nya flaggskepp i mussegmentet och presenterar en hel del nya tekniker jämfört med tidigare möss. Enligt Logitech själva har det tagit nästan...
Good Mekaniskt skrollhjul, God komfort, One Touch Searchknapp, Bra programvara...
Bad Dålig räckvidd, Något malplacerat skrollhjul vid tummen...
Bottom line Logitech MX Revolution känns lite som musen MX1000 när den lanserades; helt ny, innovativ och rätt dyr. Logitech har definitivt utvecklat sina möss och lagt ner mycket jobb på MX Revolution. Antalet funktioner på musen är mycket imponerande. One Touch...
2014-10-01 06:49:29
MX1000 czy MX Revolution - oto jest pytanie. Sam niegdyś miałem taki dylemat, jednak wybrałem MX1000. Czy obecnie, posiadając MX1000 i testując MX Revolution wybrałbym tak samo? Jeśli chcesz poznać odpowiedź na to pytanie zapraszam do lektury niniejszej r...
2014-10-01 06:49:29
MX1000 - konstrukcja obecna na rynku od ponad 4 lat. Czy nadal potrafi konkurować z najnowszymi myszami? Czytając wiele testów miałem nadzieję, że na wcześniej postawione pytanie można odpowiedzieć twierdząco. Co oferuje ten nadal szokujący stylistycznie...
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