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PRESS RELEASE Icecat's open source Product Manager 2.0 helps to syndicate product data online
PRESS RELEASE Icecat's open source Product Manager 2.0 helps to syndicate product data online

Icecat's open source Product Manager 2.0 helps to syndicate product data online

Icecat.biz, March 1, 2011. Icecat.biz launches the second version of Icecat PIM, it's open source Product Information Manager. Icecat PIM is already in use by both small and large, international corporations, like Euronics, for their internal and external content syndication processes.
Icecat PIM 2.0 is a major upgrade from the first open source version as it adds:
- a seamless XML interface to the free product catalog of icecat.biz with some 1 million product data-sheets
- a graphical menu structure
- support for multiple Linux distributions like CentOS, Gentoo and Ubuntu
- an installer

There are already more than 5,000 downloads of Icecat PIM 1.0 and serious integration projects with new and existing Icecat.biz and Batavi.org clients. "This made us understand that the Icecat PIM is addressing a huge untapped market need in the online channel", analyzes Icecat ceo Martijn Hoogeveen. "Our vast, worldwide Open Icecat community of 13,000 ecommerce companies, appreciate our open philosophy. Further, typical Icecat clients expected from us that we take care of a seamless and well-tested integration with the online Open Icecat and Full Icecat catalogs. The 2.0 version takes care of that in a smart way: only needed xml data-sheets in the language of choice are downloaded from our central repositories."
As Icecat.biz is receiving around 1 billion download requests annually, it is key for Icecat to provide an optimized download mechanism as part of the PIM. Especially, because the amount of data per product data-sheet is growing. It includes now: specs, marketing texts, photo galleries, x-sell and up-sell relations, PDFs with leaflets and manuals, video/animation and product reviews.

What is the typical use of Icecat PIM? First of all, It helps channel partners to integrate large amounts of product data in their own systems. The Icecat PIM is based on MySQL, XML and Perl and runs on Linux environments. It can be the in-house data hub for a serious ebusiness. Second, it has an editor backoffice which is stress-tested in the large-scale publishing environment of Icecat with 100s of editors working simultaneously.
Therefore, the Icecat PIM is very useful to support the publishing process of product data by manufacturers, publishers or sophisticated ecommerce companies.

About Icecat NV
Icecat NV is an independent worldwide provider of product content and market intelligence, part of the iMerge BV ecommerce group. Today, Icecat has more than 1 million product data-sheets of more than 5,000 brands, extensively described in 35 world languages. The data-sheets are used worldwide in more than 90 countries by 13,000 ebusiness users. The users include online shops, ERP systems, comparison sites, purchase systems and other applications.
Open Icecat is an open catalog project on the basis of the Open Content License Agreement by which product content from over 250 top technology brands are distributed for free (see: http://www.icecat.biz/menu/partners/index.htm).
Icecat PIM is provided by Icecat via sourceforge.com as open source under the GNU Public License.

More info:
- Download Icecat PIM: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icecatpim/
- Services http://icecat.biz/en/menu/services/index.htm

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