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Re: How to implement
Re: How to implement
Dear Richard,

the most simple format is the URL format (links to datasheets and to images). See also http://www.computerkampioen.nl/ in NL. Please, also chek the OSco fora.
There seems to be an import in the OSco backoffice for links and images.

If you need OSco tech help, we can give you some contacts.

> Hello,
> I'm setting up a new shop named siliconzone.nl
> Trying to find a more convenient way to add product information I found this site, which (i think) suits my needs. Very nice. Downloaded the ICEcat XML repository document, and to be fare, it all sound like abracadabra to me...I don't find any information how to implement the XML data on my site. Is there information available how to do that? I use the osCommerce software for my shop...
> I understand the concept, but I don't know how to implement all this. We're not all XML, HTML, PHP etc. etc. goeroes....
> Any reply is most welcome...
> Thank you in advance...
> Richard

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